Why Powerspeak¹²?

powerspeaK¹² offers a versatile and dynamic approach to language learning. It helps students develop communicative competence in the target language while building a strong foundation in correct grammar and vocabulary usage.

powerspeaK¹² features friendly task-based activities and games, age-appropriate content, and an "advisor" avatar that guides students through new language learning concepts.

Designed just for kids, courses capitalize on a child's innate ability to learn language quickly and easily.

  • 29 courses to choose from
  • Over 250,000+ people have enjoyed and achieved language competency through these powerful programs
  • Age-appropriate content, games and culturally relevant activities help students learn by reading, writing, speaking and listening within a target language
  • Designed to accelerate world language learning through multi-sensory learning: lessons are reinforced through rich graphics, audio and music
  • Rewarding Learning: integrated award systems keep students engaged and eager to learn

How it Works

Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Culture.

powerspeaK¹² courses are designed to teach you language as a native speaker. Our courses immerse you in a powerful, holistic way, that engage your senses with games, activities and cultural information that "bonds" you with the language of your choice.

  • Courses are crafted with an ideal blend of language learning pedagogy and online learning
  • A system of goal-based rewards accumulates as you perform well with course tasks
  • Each week consists of an ongoing adventure story, a new vocabulary theme and grammar concept
  • Numerous interactive games reinforce vocabulary and grammar, reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing practice and cultural understanding
  • Ongoing assessments provide measures of language competency through quizzes, tests, and regular speaking and writing submissions

What You Get

Our courses are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of students in grades 3-12. All courses are available as Independent Study or Teacher Supported offering ongoing guidance and support from a state-certified world language instructor.

  • Direct online access to courses that consist of 90 or 180 lessons, formatted in an intuitive calendar view
  • Age appropriate content, no experience needed for beginning levels
  • Game-based lessons, adventure stories, authentic videos and culture
  • Reading and listening comprehension activities
  • Recording and listening tools
  • Oral and written exercises and assessments
  • Ability to add a certified teacher

What You Learn

The powerspeaK¹² methodology allows you to learn language at a rapid pace. You choose the language that you are most interested in, become immersed in the language and the culture...and before you can imagine, you'll feel comfortable with your new language skills and your new found ability to grasp and learn even more. You'll be able to understand others and be understood.

  • You will find yourself becoming increasingly comfortable with the language of your choice... Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Latin
  • Based upon your own progress, you can move from exposure in a language, to greater competency, to fluency at a pace that suits YOU best
  • Plain and simple, powerspeaK¹² provides you with all the powerful tools you need to succeed in language learning in a self-paced environment